Providing boys ages 9-12 years old, with an opportunity to strengthen their self– esteem, find their voice, challenge themselves, make friends and develop the tools to have a healthy mind and body.

Over this 10 week program your son will learn a variety of ways to self-assess, self-create and become self-aware, while at the same time enjoying the company of other boys his age.

Finding inner strength:
What it means to be a “man” and what strength really looks like.

Identifying Self In The Media Matrix:
Identifying ways the media manipulates a boy’s self image and help them make sense of the information and images that bombard them daily. This topic will also include building the confidence to deal with peer pressure.

Building Relationships:
Conversations about the bullying epidemic. Supporting your son in finding an amazing network of positive, likeminded, fun friends who accept and like him for who he is. Learning to understand that he can stick to his boundaries when needed to protect himself and stand up for what’s right for him.